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  1. Deadman mode

    More then likely we will still be participating in the Deadman seasonals as it's short term as a community, hope to see years boys there.
  2. Kid unique returns 2018

    Ya cone chill with the community
  3. AC Closing - Community

    Anonymous Community is shutting its doors as a main clan, We will be remaining open as a community. I know some of you did not expect this coming but i am getting very busy in life now a days and will be moving back to the city life, Casper has spoke with JAJA and they agreed to let AC members join them if you are interested. Ill be selling off my accounts so if you are interested just contact me through forums. Thanks to everyone over the years for helping make AC what it was over the 5 year period, #AC Forums/Teamspeak/Discord will remain open
  4. Rune Drags

    When you playing again?
  5. Rune Drags

    Looks profitable
  6. u smell

    What you mean
  7. u smell

    For what?
  8. tits asses n dicks

    Get active nig
  9. u smell

    Where you been
  10. Ac night out Ft unk-Randoms-Sniped a war

    Good job guys
  11. singles

    Unlucky losing claws
  12. New Pet! Vorki!

    Grats man