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  1. Did a few raids today and cut my dry streak of ~60 raids with this bad boy. 15.875m split
  2. 1 hour revs

    loool wtf? :DD all that in one hr? rng was on your side
  3. Ac day out FT dks-Pvmers

    good work fellas
  4. Lanthas first ever 99

  5. DMM Tourney Money Making?

    wasn't it disabled on seasonals?
  6. Ac late night pk trip

    good shit
  7. Sick ass capes

    got one two
  8. Smacking Kids Around

    good shit
  9. My Intro - 07 Martin

    dat pic :DDD you should work on your sets btw
  10. Intro for Carl Wallace

  11. Achilis' brothel

    520kc dry at snake currently... also 2.6k kc total and i don't have a pet or a mutagen. don't feel to motivated to continue with the boss, but probably should run through the bad streak.
  12. Ac gmt trip out

  13. Ac night out

    ac making bank