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    ags, ballista. Good stuff boyz
  2. Ac Day out FT Rev,PD,jaja,Randoms

    gj. my pics not here. sad
  3. ChoCookie Intro

    who dis?
  4. Day Out

    dammn was everyone smited?
  5. kills of the week

    good work boys
  6. Ac's Day Out Ft. Randoms/Jaja

    my penis is so big, it wouldn't fit into my vagina. #firstworldproblems
  7. GJ how big was the team?
  8. So basically I always wanted to do zulrah and i used to put it off just because i knew it takes some time to get the hang of it. However today i woke up and decided that today's the day i'll go for it. It turned out to be not as difficult as i thought it would. I got a kill on my second and third attempts. Anyway did 20 kills and the results speak for themselves. Obviously i got really really lucky on my 16kc but even without that i consider this shit good af. I'm sure i'll be visiting zulrah more often from now on
  9. AC Clears WG/IF X2/Randoms

    4A.M. already in my bed. Hear a poke. clean up myself from all the hardcore fapping, get to the pc the poke is "fighting IF get here" start up OSB, log in, gear up, join the TS channel, ask for world and location. turns out you already cleared them. Took you like 3 minutes. good job bois.
  10. New Twisted Armour vs. Armadyl Armour

    not decided yet, will have to look in to it more
  11. Nobember 2, Day out

    good work boys AC on the rise
  12. Fireworks fido becomes a 4th of July hazard

    Sp33dy, my mom finds newer shit on the internet than you do
  13. When People Ask me What's Up

    now get on 07, cuz that's where the actions at