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  1. A short trip to Bandos with Chicken, Cruised, Uchihazen, and Haedyn. Pulled out with a decent split. Congratulations First Drop - Bandos Tassets Second - Shard off a minion Third - Bandos Chestplate Deaths 1/5 RIP Bandos Pet.
  2. I like you. Goodluck & I look forward getting to know you more!
  3. It was soo funny! Good shit boiis
  4. Andy

    Jamaul re-re intro

    I welcome you and your beautiful RNG. Come PvMing with me! (;
  5. Andy

    Rainbows Re-Intro

    Youre Sexy, ncie stats, good looking bank! I hope everything checks out! I enjoy pking with people who knows theirs shit.
  6. Andy

    Mom's intro

    Welcome! goodluck.
  7. Welcome back nub! Goodluck (: