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  1. Night out

    easy bannk money!
  2. good job boys! make sure u keep using your anti vemon sp33dy
  3. Rain's intro

    welcome bro!
  4. Intro Kroeskovich

    welcome bro get youre self at nmz and get them stats up
  5. Day out FT Jaja,Ct,Fsk,Randoms

    ! we cleared the wildy 4 hours
  6. Ac+Ra Vs Ruin+Pd+cl

    good job
  7. Anonymous Community - Slay DK Gmt

    they got fucked up!
  8. hc ironman pking

    i had my main but the pker was there wouldnt of got there in time
  9. Forum Point System/Rewards - Read

    ill will try my very worst
  10. hc ironman pking

    just chilling at black demons just getting magic up fast and afk and as i was a lvl 39 thought black demons under edvill would be safe! but i was so wrong! i got rushed by a lvl 44 with a d bow!!!! and i end up killing him 4 his dark bow!!!! was the funnest think ive even! just a shame i couldnt pick it up!
  11. jojo hardcore ironman!!!

    i know im not going to get far with it but i might make it as a pker
  12. starting to get borad? dont know what 2 do when we not pking? well ive started a hardcore iron man! yes i dont know how long until he will become a ironman but its bringing me fun back in the game again as i afk slayer on my main! so far ive done all free to play quests a part from dragon slayer which i need 37 prayer at less 2 start it and few members quests to teleport around the game! so wish me luck on this! dont know how long i will last on this but im enjoying as it lasting. might just make a f2p pker which will be fun and easy to get rune scimi and rune 2h! http://imgur.com/edit?deletehash=KK9X393e4ChxWNM&album_id=SLtXi
  13. Intro

    welcome son! and good luck