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  1. AC Closing - Community

  2. Ac gmt trip Ft UNK-Pd

    didnt even die this trip!!! maded bank!!! good trip
  3. watch tower a easy quest and give you 20k magic xp i think
  4. Ajhawk/pk3d by Aj's Intro

    welcome bro little tip put your super combat pot in 2 does not (4) saves a lot of money if will in a war always loot another 1
  5. Bryan1337 Intro

    welcome bro ask people for set pictures and u get a betta idea what u need and faster return
  6. sounds good! might give it ago
  7. Turtle's Intro

    welcome bro. see you in the wildy with us very soon xxx
  8. Im Back

    yes! welcome back ill help you out
  9. Night out

    easy bannk money!
  10. good job boys! make sure u keep using your anti vemon sp33dy
  11. Rain's intro

    welcome bro!
  12. Intro Kroeskovich

    welcome bro get youre self at nmz and get them stats up