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  1. AC owns the wild

    Nice work
  2. Night out Ft pd+jaja+sv/Randoms

    Had a good time.
  3. the grind is real

    Not even half way
  4. Whats up

    I'll be idling around TS well I play Player Unknown Battle Grounds or BF1. Hit me up if you want to do some late night pking (my only active hours) . I'm sure ill be rusty as fuck. (my only active hours) Steam : Nates Pro
  5. 50% fight / 50 % item overlay Lol
  6. AC's Day Trip Ft. Ruin/Vitality

    beyond rusty Lol
  7. Pk Trip /03/07/17

  8. Day of feasts

    Nice work
  9. AC's Night Out Ft. DI

    worlds most boring clan cleared
  10. Great pking session in the wilderness!

    Well done
  11. tired of this bs

    I logged into runescape for the frist time in awhile and I dc'ed right away
  12. Wilderness Action 2/20

    Good work dudes
  13. Did someone get your old name broo lol