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  1. Fire Cape

    I do fire capes all the time, I'll take GP mate. How much are you paying and for what stats?
  2. Clearing demons 12/1/17

    goodjob boys, decent update to bring random activity to the wild lol
  3. Small trip out

    Smite fight
  4. should be an ironman getting a dex that soon lol
  5. #trust

    gl raiding
  6. Dem Gainz

    Grind for 2k pls ty
  7. lured a Fl in Multi

    Which member was it lol
  8. Ac drop party

    Get money poor nubs
  9. 3 Man Army #Elites

    So late though
  10. New Revenenat Blog

    Oh I meant for no combat level difference @Alex the only reason I'd want to go 1 defence is for vanity's sake of saying "yeah I'm 1 defence"
  11. New Revenenat Blog

    5m to go from 2 defence back to one, I think i'll keep my failed pure to save 5m for combat level difference LOL
  12. Ac Sunday Day out

    Shout outs to Chris for tank of the year