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  1. Dem Gainz

    Grind for 2k pls ty
  2. lured a Fl in Multi

    Which member was it lol
  3. Get money poor nubs
  4. 3 Man Army #Elites

    So late though
  5. New Revenenat Blog

    Oh I meant for no combat level difference @Alex the only reason I'd want to go 1 defence is for vanity's sake of saying "yeah I'm 1 defence"
  6. New Revenenat Blog

    5m to go from 2 defence back to one, I think i'll keep my failed pure to save 5m for combat level difference LOL
  7. Ac Sunday Day out

    Shout outs to Chris for tank of the year
  8. Ac runs the wild Ft randoms

    Looks like noobs were out with those loots lol
  9. Turtle's Intro

    So with that being said, will you basically go MIA during non winter seasons?
  10. I think the real PvP update we want is to somehow end ragging.
  11. AC's Day Out Clearing Vendetta

  12. Im Back

    I'll let you tank KBD for me and you can keep all the loots
  13. Ac vs Vendetta

    It was actually really fun until the rag started.
  14. AC Day Out, World War

    Glad we pulled so many