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  1. Eng Flight Intro

    Welcome my dude, glad to have another pker in the 2k worlds
  2. Rot Hype For AC Deadman

    We the realest. Who clipped that though lmao
  3. Seasonals

    Sp33dy always rushes range

    Sup dude, I hope you can overcome the alcoholic situation =p
  5. Networkerz intro

    Good to see the intro. Glad to have you here
  6. AC's day out FT. CT

    Was a nice fun day
  7. Community intro '' justanotter''

    Hi there, grind out the 2k total so we can have another man in there =p
  8. Rank 1 Smithing Deadman Tourney

    Now rank 2, but still a damn awesome achievement!!
  9. Intro MrGardel(Savage)

    Sup dude, we'll definitely tear up 07.
  10. Still got a long way to go buddy 4x Ancestral Bodies 4x Ancestral Robe bottoms 3x Ancestral Hats 2x Dragon Thrownaxes 1x Dragon Harpoon 1x Dexterous prayer scroll 3x Arcane Magic Scroll 1x Elder Maul 1x Dragon Claws 2x Twisted Bows 22 items in 369 kc Every 16-17 raids I get another item. You're catching up though