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  1. currently rank 700 :s
  2. You know we love you <3
  3. Will bs you for bear pet confirmed. Gratz
  4. Shout outs to myself, Alex, Casper, and Brett for maging 100% of the fight =]
  5. I got mad mage xp barraging. Gf VnG. You guys shouldn't have barraged and brought chins to a singles fight.
  6. way funner than deadman lol
  7. Maybe Mark will play with us again if mobile comes out lol
  8. I hate your signature of the arma pet still. Fuck you Chicken
  9. Welcome dude, so are you planning on making a new account?
  10. They thought they were so sly lmfao
  11. incase we get caught up in multi, ill kill you to keep the whip safe fam
  12. GAWWW DAMN. Gj bro
  13. i swear i was gonna see a Sp33dy death pic again
  14. Welcome dude, get Dim to post on this too to confirm your reference.
  15. go ahead and train your 07 account in NMZ lol. Join us for 07 so we can always pk ;D