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  1. Getting better and better boys
  2. So we started off at scorpia cleared up some old friends of ours and continued to dominate everyone we ran into getting every +1 imaginable! Good job today guys it was a feast!
  3. congrats speedy
  4. good shit today guys
  5. nty i make my money my own way
  6. enjoy the loot bro
  7. fun night but we werent good enough with locations tonight something we need to work on
  8. Welcome man make sure to be active on ts and idle ts
  9. love the ending of the vid but we getting better #AC
  10. you need to show us a pic of your sets
  11. Holy shit bro grats on the loot! share
  12. welcome bro
  13. Easy fight these are the kinda fights we need. a little choppy on the calling but other than that a lot of +1s
  14. Welcome a Friend of Soup is a friend of mine
  15. Grats bro