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  1. Good shit guys! wish I could have made it
  2. damn wish i was on for this! good shit boys
  3. lmao good shit. this kids still salty with me
  4. its going to be cool seeing all the anonymous names again. sad to say i cant join you guys with it because my names an origional. ill be an easy callout but thats okay because i have enough return sets to keep coming up. see you out in the battlefield.
  5. whats up boys! i havent been on the forums or in teamspeak too much but thats because ive been busy irl, and dealing with other things in runescape. im here for pvp/ pvm if you guys need me im here:D
  6. yeah get your agility level up. you only have 11 more levels bruh @considerable
  7. congratz man. welcome to ace unit