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  1. Fettty

    dale intro

    this guy is the absolute man.
  2. Went of with a squad last night, got caught in singles and these guys decided to follow us up the ladder at hill giants. Little did they know Casper was waiting with his spear, took all 4 specs but we finally took him down.
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    What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A:Fettty What timezone are you in A: PST Current display name A: Fettty About yourself A:Business owner by week, heavy drinker by weekend. Enjoy pking more than anything in this game. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) A: 83. Took a skulled death last night so still gaining back a couple levels Do you plan on joining AC? A:For Deadman mode only. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A:Did the first Deadman season breifly with @Nates Pro, have known a few others throughout the years but can't think of names. Also now @Cam Up hes my gp dealer
  4. Welcome to the community!
  5. Awesome man! hoping to join you this weekend!
  6. I may just change the time to whenever the most people can do it, so add me in game and i'll get a list going and find the most convienient time for everyone. I am usually on my other account - Fettyy, or you can add l 7 3 8 but I am not on him as much
  7. I still need most the quests as well so if we are on at the same time just add me and we might be able to do those together as well.
  8. So this weekend I am going to lead a large group in doing Desert Treasure. This will help reserve food/prayer when running through enemies, and better protection if pkers try to interfere. I also know some of you may have never done it so this will be a good opportunity for those guys. This also gives you time to get the requirements before this weekend. So train up and lets kill it out there! REQUIREMENTS - 53 Thieving (unboostable) 50 Firemaking 10 Slayer 50 Magic The Digsite (Quest) - Requirements 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, 25 Thieving Completion of Druidic Ritual (for the Herblore skill) Items required Pestle and mortar Leather gloves (can be bought from Thessalia's Fine Clothes or stolen from a Digsite workman) Leather boots (can be bought from Thessalia's Fine Clothes or stolen from a Digsite workman) Vial Tinderbox Cup of tea (can be stolen from the Varrock tea stall) 2 Ropes (can be stolen from a Digsite workman) Opal or uncut opal (obtainable during the quest) Charcoal (obtainable during the quest) Specimen brush (obtained during the quest) Panning tray (obtained during the quest) Trowel (obtained during the quest) Wear Gloves and boots at all times. Recommended: 2 Varrock Teleports Some Energy Potions or Stamina potions to save time walking around. Digsite teleports teleport you just north of the exam center Temple of Ikov (Quest) - Requirements 42 Thieving (Boostable) 40 Ranged Ability to defeat a level 84 enemy with Ranged Items required Yew, magic or dark bow Knife (or any slash weapon) 20 limpwurt roots (keep in the bank if you have no access to weight-reduction clothing) Light source Do not bring anything else! Recommended: Varrock Teleport Ardougne Teleport Weight-reduction clothing, such as Graceful, to stay below -1kg weight (saves a bank trip) Ava's accumulator Optional: Bandit's brew (if boosting to level 42 Thieving from level 41, as it boosts your Thieving level by 1) The Tourist Trap (Quest) - Requirements 10 Fletching 20 Smithing The ability to defeat a level 47 enemy. Items required 2-3 full waterskins Desert robes (Top, Bottoms, AND Boots required) 1-3 Bronze bars (can be lost while experimenting) Hammer 30-50 Feathers 100 coins All of the items can be bought from Shantay at the Shantay Pass (Bronze bars are often bought out by players training smithing, try hopping worlds if they are out of stock). Maybe, bring a few pieces of food while fighting theMercenary Captain. Recommended: Knife Pickaxe Troll Stronghold (Quest) - Requirements 15 Agility Ability to defeat a level 113 Troll General (can be safe spotted) Completion of Death Plateau 30+ Thieving and 43+ Prayer are strongly recommended. Items required Climbing boots or 12 coins to buy them Good food and armour are strongly recommended. Recommended: Games necklace (for teleporting out at the end) Bow and arrows, or runes with which to fight Dad Priest in Peril (Quest) - Items required 50 un-noted rune essence or pure essence A bucket (spawns above the castle's kitchen in the north-easternmost room (Go to the kitchen, and climb up the stairs)) Recommended: Runecrafting pouch(es) - optional, but helps carry more essence' Food (recommended for low levels) 3 Varrock teleports (for quickness) Stamina potions or (super) energy potions Waterfall Quest - Requirements The ability to withstand and evade attacks from level 84 Moss Giants without anyequipment or prayer. Items required 6 Air runes, 6 Earth runes, 6 Water runes, and a rope You may want to get a Games necklace for easy teleportation to Almera. Item list for Desert Treasure - Items required 650 coins 12 magic logs 6 steel bar 6 molten glass Ashes Charcoal Blood rune Bones Chocolate cake Spiked boots (obtained from Dunstan after doing Death Plateau by bringing him climbing boots and an iron bar) Climbing Boots (A second pair of boots are needed if Eadgar's Ruseisn't completed and/or 61 Magic for the Trollheim Teleport.) Garlic (obtainable during the quest) Lockpick(s) (50 or more may be needed depending on Thievinglevel.) or Hair clips Silver bar Spice (Gnome Spice will NOT work) Pestle and mortar Facemask or Slayer helmet or Gas mask Tinderbox STRONGLY SUGGESTED: High healing food 1-5 Antipoisons Super energy potions At least 20 lockpicks Prayer potions Super restore potions Ice gloves to wield a weapon against Fareed Teleports to everywhere on RuneScape Ice Gloves - Ice gloves are dropped by killing the Ice Queen living inside White Wolf Mountain. Make sure to bring a pickaxe when going to obtain a pair, as one is needed to reach the queen. You need a Mining level of 50 to mine through the rocks. They are used in Heroes Quest to pick up the Entrana firebird's fire feather, and have uses in other quests, such as the Clock Tower, Desert Treasure, Watchtower, and Recipe for Disaster quests. The Ice gloves can be re-obtained as many times as the player wishes. In case of mishaps (death, accidental Alching, and so on), it is suggested that the player obtain more than one pair of Ice gloves. You do not need to start the quest to get Ice Gloves, which is commonly done by pures. Although the Ice Queen is a high level, she is still easy to kill especially when you are using Protect from Melee. Mackmin has agreed to fetch all these items for a fee TBD, would be getting everyone's at once. Also if any higher levels or frequent pkers get any junk in a chest that would help for any of these let myself(l 7 3 8, or Fettyy) or Nates Pro, we both have accounts that can hold them safely. Any questions feel free to contact me here, in game or on TS, hopefully this gives people enough time to train up for the requirements, highly recommended to get 43 prayer before some quests to run from pkers and get good food. I am starting about now from almost scratch for this so if anyone has questions or wants to level some skills hit me up.