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  1. Another Vissy for AC

    damn that is solid man! Keep up the good work!
  2. First 99skill

    congrats man! The first 99 is always the hardest, they start to roll in from here!
  3. was a good sesh, thanks lads!
  4. AC's Late night Ft. DI/Jaja

    haha nice lads! Got a bit of mage and range training to do but then I will be right there with you! Super keen!
  5. Back from holidays

    Hey lads! Good to be back! Ended up staying overseas a month longer than I planned so sorry about that! Looking forward to grinding out some levels on my main and getting back into teamspeak! Will be good to see you all! I joined around the time of deadman, how are the servers going? They look a little empty to me. Is there any other rs news that has been around since I left? (late december)
  6. Clan Altar?

    I would donate for sure
  7. Alright boys, lets do this!

    Missed a whole day worth of xp yesterday, back on the grind today. Just hit halfway mark. *Insert Bon Jovi joke here* Lets dust this off over the next week.
  8. Only 4m xp more <.<

    you got it man! Keep going!
  9. Let's get the trim.

    damn son nice work! Time for the rest of us to catch you! 6.5m xp to go on my half haha! Grats man!
  10. one of the first 99 range 07

    haha congrats man! Time for me to catch you! Almost halfway there!
  11. Solo DT done

    looking good man. account is building into a beast!
  12. Alright boys, lets do this!

    Wanted to get 92 by the end of the night but the girlfriend is coming over. Such xp waste. will update again tomorrow. Almost half way there. Life calls!
  13. Let the road to 99 begin
  14. damn man that sucks, good to see you are sticking with us though! Love the determination!
  15. AC - Monday Night Feat Ice_Poseidon

    huge sesh lads, very enjoyable