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  1. I'm back! MeatBeatr

    Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I am gunna post it anyways :). Some of you may know me, some of you may not, I played in the old Deadman mode with AC as deadman mode was coming out. Anyways, I am always in TS3, so come say hi if you dont know me :). I came back to DMM cus of seasonals, so I'll be here until I get sick of it again! I'm not sure if I should re-apply, its been a while. Let me know if you think I should Some things about me: Semi-pro table tennis player I'm way too lazy to do desert treasure I live in Washington I'm super cool Hope this was an entertaining intro See you in teamspeak! Sincerely, AC Meatbeatr
  2. 180k key first day of tourny

    nice catch bro
  3. Another nice sewers trip #AC

    this is why im getting ranged. cant wait to come with u guys!
  4. ez kill plesk :D

    Bunch of junk + a fury lol
  5. that's what you get pat fussy

    old dmm or seasonals?
  6. Pked full veracs dmm

    waiting for key