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  1. DMM Beta for final HOUR!

    Dumb dogs forgot to put a spec wep in the inventory
  2. 5 man tbow

    go duel stake 200m easy 400m double. stake 50m x2 lose twice then stake 300m easy 600m double. stake 600 easy 1.2b double then stake 1.2b easy 2.4b double. stake 50m x4 lose 4 times then stake 2.2b easy 4.4b double. stake 4.4b easy 8x8b double. rinse and repeat stop, sell 75% then repeat with 200m.
  3. downed On Os scape 😰

    I don't have a main unfortunately 😰
  4. downed On Os scape 😰

    Took then on my phone 😂
  5. downed On Os scape 😰

    Join AC for a way out
  6. AC Day Out, World War

  7. U no y they call me Da Best

    Lol more like DA WORsTt!! Niggas getting worked out here 😂
  8. DBU kill pic

    Oh shit
  9. Get the name out there!

    Need to show people we're still around and clearing teams on a daily basis. I'm sure realistically we're about 50-0 this season thinking about the amount of teams we've cleared in multi AND singles! Upvote this reddit link And get it front page reddit. Let's get it boyzzzzzz
  10. Yeah too late for me too man ffs @JP LEE
  11. 99 Construction done!

    Congrats Shadow!