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  1. was good
  2. is that u

  3. ma boi
  4. 2007 Intro Template Current RSN (RunescapeName) - A: SWAT Past RSN's (inc Pre-EOC/EOC & Oldschool) - A: Cameltamer88, Horserider69, Snaketamer69, Catstroker12 Your Timezone (GMT/PST/EST) - A: GMT+0 List any / all the clans and or teams you have EVER been in, and why you left / got kicked - A: Foe 2010-2012 Got bored pure clanning so trained my account to main AC 2015-2016 Left to join sv as I didn't attend any events and was inactive and lost my rank SV 2016-2016 Got kicked because I was in a league game when they were at a mand event which they randomly made out of the blue Why do you want to become a Anonymous Community Member? - A: Wanna come back and chill with everyone, taking it serious now.. got a new job so I can actually come to events lmao. Don't work as many hours and am home a lot more. Still got a tab full of returns. You'll see a change this time instead of an inactive troll. Picture of your Combat Level & Stats (Inc RSN) - A: Picture of your P2P PKing Supplies [15 SETS MINIMUM REQUIRED] - A: Do you know any members in the Anonymous Community? If so name them - A: Most people from before probably How did you find out about us ? If by recommendation state RSN - A: I used to be in here! About yourself - A: 21,play league,hybrid+tribrid a lot. play DMM+ got a hardcore ironman.
  5. dim spirit right? you were a member
  6. 1def 40att 75+ str&range lmk if you have one or know someone with oneeeee
  7. seen you around a bit gl man
  8. nice app- chill guy to talk to No it's not lmao
  9. gd spams keep it up
  10. welcome bud
  11. omars one omfg aha
  12. eyy another youtuber is down - ac always wins
  13. Just seen it too @Minimash. @Boss Manik