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  1. Elder maul pk/ morning pk feast

    was good
  2. is that u

  3. Like & Sub

    ma boi
  4. Perri intro

  5. Perri intro

    2007 Intro Template Current RSN (RunescapeName) - A: SWAT Past RSN's (inc Pre-EOC/EOC & Oldschool) - A: Cameltamer88, Horserider69, Snaketamer69, Catstroker12 Your Timezone (GMT/PST/EST) - A: GMT+0 List any / all the clans and or teams you have EVER been in, and why you left / got kicked - A: Foe 2010-2012 Got bored pure clanning so trained my account to main AC 2015-2016 Left to join sv as I didn't attend any events and was inactive and lost my rank SV 2016-2016 Got kicked because I was in a league game when they were at a mand event which they randomly made out of the blue Why do you want to become a Anonymous Community Member? - A: Wanna come back and chill with everyone, taking it serious now.. got a new job so I can actually come to events lmao. Don't work as many hours and am home a lot more. Still got a tab full of returns. You'll see a change this time instead of an inactive troll. Picture of your Combat Level & Stats (Inc RSN) - A: Picture of your P2P PKing Supplies [15 SETS MINIMUM REQUIRED] - A: Do you know any members in the Anonymous Community? If so name them - A: Most people from before probably How did you find out about us ? If by recommendation state RSN - A: I used to be in here! About yourself - A: 21,play league,hybrid+tribrid a lot. play DMM+ got a hardcore ironman.
  6. forums help

    dim spirit right? you were a member
  7. LF f2p pure

    1def 40att 75+ str&range lmk if you have one or know someone with oneeeee
  8. joint 0ps intro

    seen you around a bit gl man
  9. Abel's 2nd Intro.

    nice app- chill guy to talk to No it's not lmao
  10. Active

    gd spams keep it up
  11. Jay Etta Intro

    welcome bud
  12. Side by Sides

    omars one omfg aha
  13. Lms adventures

    eyy another youtuber is down - ac always wins
  14. Minimash slapped in lms ;(

    Just seen it too @Minimash. @Boss Manik