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  1. Reason of ban - Jagex some haters. They drink the hateraid on the daily. get aids
  2. Idk how you play in full screen. lul. but good job!
  3. Hopefully your name does not reflect your actions. Welcome : - )
  4. Good job boys! We have had some decent fights lately. Not terrible loot.
  5. Welcome, Hopefully you can finish in wars. The Germans could never finish a race.
  6. Congratz man. I have 0 pets.
  7. Gf 1b on mule
  8. I did a quick stake. Ehh
  9. I think I made more off Sparc Mac than you.
  10. Yes I saw this on youtube. Wanted to try it out myself lol Sorry recorded on potato
  11. Glad to go pking with all of us tonight! lets get AC ACTIVE!
  12. Check again, Sir. It is 7:30
  13. Unfortunately, only two people showed up on time for the drop party. I congratulate the two that were prompt and showing up for a good time. I am pleased to announce their bank improved. Let this be a learning experience for the ones that were looking forward it. Times are important, pay attention. Best of wishes from ya boi skurger
  14. Hello boys and girl. I will be hosting several events this evening. We will choose from a variety of fun games that will create active habits in the community. One of said games will be hide N seek! The winner of each round will choose between 1-28 of my inventory. Items range - 69 Gp to 69m. The event will take place at 7:30 pm eastern. We will be conducting said event in my home world ( 360 ) Our gathering spot shall be karamja. Dont forget those lobster pots