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  1. Yes I saw this on youtube. Wanted to try it out myself lol Sorry recorded on potato
  2. Glad to go pking with all of us tonight! lets get AC ACTIVE!
  3. Check again, Sir. It is 7:30
  4. Unfortunately, only two people showed up on time for the drop party. I congratulate the two that were prompt and showing up for a good time. I am pleased to announce their bank improved. Let this be a learning experience for the ones that were looking forward it. Times are important, pay attention. Best of wishes from ya boi skurger
  5. Hello boys and girl. I will be hosting several events this evening. We will choose from a variety of fun games that will create active habits in the community. One of said games will be hide N seek! The winner of each round will choose between 1-28 of my inventory. Items range - 69 Gp to 69m. The event will take place at 7:30 pm eastern. We will be conducting said event in my home world ( 360 ) Our gathering spot shall be karamja. Dont forget those lobster pots
  6. Saw him at the duel areana last night. Guessing cleaned lul
  7. Lets see them!
  8. After giving away roughly 115m just YESTERDAY, It is time to advertise another GIVE AWWWAAAAYYYYY. You will have 72 hours from this posting to complete the task and abide by the regulations to qualify for the give away. This weeks task: To organize and bulk up on those return sets in your bank. I want pictures posted with dates of the return sets ( not your entire bank, nor cash stack) JUST your return tab. Once you have done so... Please select a number - ranging from 1-200. To qualify at the end of this give away, you must have around the same sets in your picture. If you are found to be just buying supplies and dumping afterwards you will be disqualified. May the odds be ever in your favor, Skurger
  9. So the title essentially says it all! now the details boys. I will be hosting a Roll to Win event with a custom random number generator. Starting from now - at 11:00 Am ( eastern ) to 11:00 Pm Tonight ( eastern ) To qualify to win the prize you must: Comment relative content of why you enjoy AC. At the end of the post please choose a number between 1-1,000. If you enter more than once or more than one number... you will be disqualified. If you do not comment relative content of why you enjoy AC, you will be disqualified. Best of wishes, Skurger PS Prize will have a twist, options between 10-100m
  10. I am back from a business trip. I paid the Water runes winner!!! Which was Oh thank you. I apologize for the delay. I want to THANK the entire clan for coming together and over all getting over 10M+ water runes! SIDE NOTE After discussing with a few members regarding activity. I have come to the conclusion of accepting a friend rank if deemed. I realize I am, and cannot become active enough to attend the events all the time. I travel and am unable to give the attention the clan deserves. I would still love to be active when I can. I still will be doing give away and drop parties. I look forward to meeting the new intro's and or members. Best of wishes, Skurger
  11. As many of you know My mule was banned for RWT with...a bit of gold... After tweeting out to jagex, and having roughly 2.5k retweets...They contacted me directly. They have unbanned my mule. However, only part of my bank is on it. I staked a RWT without knowing and there was confusion. That is why I was banned. My bank is significantly down. However, I am back! with enough to enjoy the clan events and pay out the winner of water runes. I will be hosting a drop party this week to celebrate justice! https://gyazo.com/600d60d47375e3e01ee3e4920df7ba8d
  12. So they like banning bank accounts that don't RWT. Retweet if you can please and thank you!
  13. Well apparently I RWT. Thanks jagex https://gyazo.com/895ee092f86a6d63338c3e67627fe67e Gf 6b If you can retweet or w/e thats great. Thanks!