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  1. Fuck pking make an ironman Jk bro welcome to AC stay active or sp33dy will tell your mom how much porn you watch
  2. nigga just applied to a main clan on a pure account, proof vid of the 100g dab or fake af
  3. literally haven't really had too many issues connecting this entire time speedy have you? i felt like it was the area that was effecting it but maybe i was just lucky, i have a buddy from toronto that wasnt really effected either
  4. are you up bro?

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    2. AC Raw

      AC Raw

      nothing i was drunk as fuck lol 

    3. Sp33dy20
    4. AC Raw

      AC Raw

      i tried to bro when i try to connect to teamspeak it just freezes and i have to close it

      i'll have to redownload it later or something

  5. Since when was scorpia pking lit again wtfffff, yo speedy you up rn i cant cnnect to ts idfk why whattt
  6. Imagine thinking you can beat AC in 2017...
  7. I know lol it's like 1/32k lol
  8. Some of you may not now me because I don't come in teamspeak anymore but I was a member/rank in AC a while back and I left because I got bored of pking and I made an ironman, been working really hard on it and I felt like sharing with you guys. Finally just finished one of the most tedious grinds I've had yet, 85 crafting for a fury, which consisted of about 50 hours of buying buckets of sand and soda ash from charter ship traders superglass making it and glassblowing lantern lenses. Check out my progress Here's a small bit of drops I've been gathering from slayer and stuff Not much but I got a smouldering stone from a hellhound, a zenyte shard and two head drops (namely kurask and cockatrice) which are rare and needed for completionist. (also about 6m in my kingdom)
  9. Welcome to the community, good luck
  10. hey i can't seem to figure out how to send you a message... how do i get the teamspeak info?

    1. AC Raw

      AC Raw

      I'll message you in a sec

    2. Tree Hugger

      Tree Hugger

      kk much appreciated

  11. Welcome to the community bro, see you around soon Come on teamspeak