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  1. @GIGGS atleast you remeber me?
  2. @Sp33dy20 yo, how many cocks i need to kill to get my rank back?
  3. Sup family. I'am back from my almost half a year trip around europe and asia. Maybe some of you don't know me or are with brain cancer and can't remeber our fun times @ ddm1. Nick on teamspeak haven't changed - I NIKE I. Cheers
  4. and i killed like +4k giants to get that scroll @ 07
  5. Thanks alot for everything, especially for those who are great people and can understand my english and can speak with me normally and not blaiming me about my english skills. One of the best rs game time i have in AC, even can't rember when was my last time before ac and dmm i played this game with smile in my face!!! Thanks! Merry christmas and happy new year #AC!!!
  6. got eeeemmmmm
  7. Iam drunk af, any suggestions? ik title was bait.
  8. nvm then bro, but those anothers drops were not so good :/
  9. man your luck is insane, but with shitty drops.
  10. you should make dislike button on forums.
  11. nice work man, gl on other 90+ and 99s
  12. ou how cute, he would be good for fur.