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  1. This is a very debateable thing. But from my opinion It's worth it to protect HP and not insure it. As long as you have food in your inventory, you pretty much cannot die at 99 hp. Whilst at 75 hp people are starting to be able to almost 1 hit you, with people getting DBows, 99 str, Godswords. I am going meele/mage hybrid, protecting strenght and hp. This is because getting 99 str back when dying can take several tens of hours, whilst dying with 94 mage you can get it back in 2 hours and 1 mil gold. And i get more then 1 mil gold before i die, so I'd rather just take the 2 hours and spend the gold, then go str training for 15 hours.
  2. We don't want to become first legion, spamming out invites. Not only is it getting more lower levels to try to join, but it also hurts the amount of higher level players who want to join. Me myself would never join a clan that mass advetises/spams their clan around, since it's really annoying. Well done coding it, but unfortunately not something I think we should use.
  3. Seems nice, only problem is you have to have money to start off. Otherwise it seems to be good money. Another good moneymaking which only requires 10 crafting is bowstring, you can get easily 100k/hour if you pick flax in seer's village, spin it, and sell it. A good thing could be to combine the two when you lose everything. Head to seer's for some beginners gold (world 345 is safest), then take that gold to rellecka and make more.
  4. Then you are either blind or just on at different times. Im on TS 8+ hours a day, so dunno what you're talking about. EDIT: I'm even in the same channel as you in the TS right now, you're right below me. (And you're not even intro yet?)
  5. Being an intro doesn't automatically give you immunity to clan members attacking you, if they don't know who you are because you are never in TS, That's kind off your fault. Make sure you get people to know you and you will be able to avoid this problem
  6. Would be really good, but I'd still recommend being in TS and calling stuff like that in there. Much safer and quicker to talk in TS.
  7. Oh wow, If i lost that much i would probably quit. But he probably has 3x that left, so no problem for him. Finally he died though!
  8. Blue dragons south of yanille is like 150k xp/hour but you also get 200k+gp/hour and it's almost impossible to die (5 sec from safezone). Just complete the watchtower quest and it's free money and xp.
  9. Wonder how much you can get by only killing missclickers in 45
  10. You should try to lure them out of the safezone, they might transfer all of the gold instantly though. Might not be much profit, but killing botters is always fun
  11. This might be too OP and destroys a part of the game mode. The whole idea of deadman mode is that nowhere is safe, having instant tellies eliminates that danger (Atleast for the few times you could use it). A second problem with this is that people will skull much less, and currently only a few high levels skull. The reason people would skull less is because of the danger that you attack someone, skull, and then just just tp straight out. Leaving you with a 30 min skull with 0 profit. But i still think that ancient should be nerfed and/or somehow implement the other spell books further.
  12. That's kind off sad, but being intro doesn't get you immunity to clan members. Especially if you're not in the CC, since it's to hard to know everyone in AC. Hopefully someone who knows they killed you might give you back your key.
  13. I'd definetly recommend getting a second monitor, since I got one it's been so nice and not only for RS. You can easily get a decent one for like 70$ or so, just enough to browse the forum or youtube/ anything you want. I guess you could do like cedrik and have it half and half, but I think the runescape becomes to small then. Personal opinion i guess. Good luck with the rebuilding though!
  14. If you're lazy and PK only with clan, go magic ranged. That enables you to protect magic and ranged and never have to rebuild anything except defence and prayer when you die. If you do´solo pk/small group you need magic and meele since it's too hard killing people without the OP meele specs. (ofc you can go ranged with dbow if you're rich)
  15. I trained at terrorbirds to 85 cb, and now I will start going nieve's cave. I'd definetly reccomend nieve's cave after 85 since you can ge tsome nice gp as well.