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  1. Crazy. I got the first one on the original DMM and sold it to some streamer for over 200m 07
  2. To anyone who wants to see how the RS community as a whole feels: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3xfqmd/dmm_ac_rot_and_why_i_quit_dmm/
  3. lol wut no I've barely had any direct interaction with Molly, but I've been around him plenty of times and have seen how he treats people. Guy is a tool and most of AC agrees.
  4. You're the leader of a clan and wont address the problem with your terrible ranks, one specifically. This forum isn't about the game as a whole, it's about this clan. Whether I am a negative or positive player is irrelevant, it's kind of hard to enjoy the clan when guys like Juicy are allowed to hold any position of significance. https://i.gyazo.com/8a034e073b1cfa82d6698f171bd087f2.png
  5. I know, I included that as it's how clan members legitimately feel about AC. They don't feel as though it's legitimately about the clan at all, primarily because of how ranks act.
  6. I am no longer going to pursue deadman mode as I do not find it enjoyable in the slightest, and therefore will no longer pursue joining AC. With this being said I made quite a lot of really cool friends in the clan chat, and I am happy to have shared some cool times with you all. I feel like I would not be doing my due diligence if I left without giving some notes about my experience with Anonymous Community during my time trying to become a member, and I would also like to share some notes about my deadman experience as a whole. No, I am not quitting because of RoT, however I can understand why many people are. They're really just doing what 95% of those who played deadman would have done if they were more organized. I do believe RoT rightfully earned its place as the #1 clan in deadman mode as they were quick to train their accounts and they were very organized. There are of course a lot of problems with them as far as how they act, but this is a game, not middle school. I'm not going to police people I'm not involved with. Now, onto Anonymous Community. I am incredibly surprised the clan has made it this far, and the only reason I believe it has is due to the fact that playing deadman solo is near impossible. If there were more alternative options I highly doubt anyone would be eager about joining AC, and here's why. The ranks need a lot of work. A lot. I specifically want to address Juicy Molly. You have problems, to be specific you are very greedy and incredibly rude. You treat other players as though they are lower than you, which is just not true to say the least. I don't know why anyone trusted you with the position you are in. You have killed several clan members, either out of ignorance or for personal gain, yet you have the nerve to flame anyone who makes a mistake. You make sure that you are able to get the best loot possible from any clan events, and if anyone steps in your way you have no problem retaliating against that player. You need to be removed if AC has any hopes of sustaining. Not only that, but the ranks entirely need to watch how they treat people. The fact that you have a rank means nothing outside of the clan, and you act as though it does. Sp33dy told me that outside of the rules, ranks should not be treating anyone differently regardless of their position. A lot of the ranks are very disrespectful and make the clan look bad. It's a game, drop the ego. My application was denied, which was fine, it happened a while after I had already made the decision to quit deadman mode so even if it was accepted, I would not be participating in any clan events. However after talking to several clan members they had no doubt that if I had donated money to the clan it would have been accepted, which should really show you what clan members think about the management of AC. Best of luck improving things. With all of that being said I would like to thank all of the people that I met through AC that made deadman worth playing. We had a lot of fun and I am sorry that it has come to an end. The game will die and I have no reason to waste more time on it. I made several billions of OSRS gp from deadman, which was my initial goal, and there is no reason for me to stay. Thanks for all the sweet times boys.
  7. Hopefully you already have DT done
  8. Awesome dude, I'd be 99 but I missclicked in the bank. Nearly there though. Keep up the good work, gl on a vissy
  9. Awesome dude, I will hopefully get this done soon