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  1. Good clean action thanks AC
  2. Still funny to listen to lol was so proud to sweep the entire tournament
  3. I see nothing more than a rumor, as far as I'm aware none of my fellow members play DMM anymore as everyone stopped playing several weeks ago. Runescape Community does not allow people to post accusations without also providing evidence, and Reddit has a rule against reporting players for wrong doing. There is good reason for that as in the real world you can get sued for defamation and harming a reputation can cost a business for example a lot of money for no good reason. If people are struggling to change their IP addresses there was a guide posted in private forums quite a while ago that Speedy might be able to find if you ask him about it.
  4. I've noticed a decline in the amount of free loot out lately =(
  5. Senses and I killed all 8 of them before 1 could return it was sick!
  6. I've never seen 210 not tank
  7. He didn't I told him he would have to prove himself and he did that, turns he's pretty good at making videos you should check em out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69K-l6ii_1c
  8. Nice congrats on defeating AF watched their video and saw that they went into single single!
  9. Witnessed this, perfect example of why numbers don't matter =p
  10. Seeing as you know me better than that speedy I'm disappointed you didn't realize this is fake.