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  1. First clip....sp33dy tanking for 6 secs.
  2. Look at all dam loot piles of black chins
  3. Was a lot of fun
  4. Markymark active?
  5. To all the new members/intros, we use a texting app called "Kik" to message each other about when we go out PKing/general clan information. I encourage all of you guys to download it on your phones (it's free) and add myself alex73234 so that I can add you to the group. Pretty sure it's on the adroid market, and I know for sure it's on the Apple app store. You don't need to even sign up with an email or whatever, just a username and password.
  6. Welcome bro
  7. You're damn fucking right that name is already taken
  8. Way to avenge my death, you're welcome for the callout, share plz
  9. Good shit bro, make sure to idle TS, stay active and join us for 07 as well
  10. You're welcome bro Be sure to hang out in cc and TS!
  11. Welcome bro, nice 07 account as well
  12. Welcome man!
  13. Welcome!
  14. Welcome man! Glad to see you have a nice 07 account, we're extremely active on there once dmm dies out