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  1. Verac pk intro

    Welcome bro
  2. Next Step Coming Back!!!

    Welcome back!
  3. Day Out

    Nice job guys
  4. free ring

    Damn lucky son of a bitch...honestly thought that they were a lot more expensive though
  5. verdee-6uckmydlong9

    Welcome, congrats on the new baby
  6. Networkerz intro

    Don't worry on most of our mid-week pk trips we don't have an exact hierarchical order of who calls, so I'm sure you still can

    Welcome to AC, glad you guys could PK with us a little bit today and see what we're all about
  8. Feel like quitting

    Don't be sad bro, I grinded for the first day of tourney, did DT and ava's and the works...only to quit today. Trying to make money to swap is always a hit or miss in tourney, couple with the fact that with no xp caps or any of these new implementations, rich players can get so so far ahead of the rest by simply buying high stats.
  9. Community intro '' justanotter''

    Welcome, maybe next time don't join the TS and ask questions like, "So what's your guys' numbers?" "So what's your plan for deadman" Other than that, welcome
  10. And another one! After Shadow and Brett got thrownaxes and dragon sword :S
  11. Intro Bow For Me

    Welcome bro!