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  1. re applying

  2. Deadman mode

    Knew sp33dy couldn’t stay away
  3. AC Closing - Community

    LOLOLOL first off that #PD was a joke and aimed at you retards joining JaJa. I would never join either of those clans because neither of them have any garnered any respect through the clanning community. Side note, stop posting - or at least have someone edit your posts before you press submit. I swear I lose 100 brain cells every time I try reading something from you.
  4. AC Closing - Community

    Not mad I just find it funny how you’re trying to start brag about a shit clan a day after AC closed. Reminds me of a certain leader who left to go to PD.
  5. AC Closing - Community

    If you can’t beat them, and hate them, and everything about them - then join them!
  6. AC Closing - Community

    Was a good run, hate to see it end this way - but such is life.
  7. Split or steal

    Matty this is creepy af
  8. New Pet! Vorki!

    Hell yeah bro
  9. Dragon Slayer 2 Guide

    We'll talk tomorrow.
  10. Dragon Slayer 2 Guide

    25m per quest hmu
  11. @ChainGang815 lolol
  12. New quest without guide

    2.5 hrs with a sort of update wiki guide. Plus being a quest god
  13. Just won 1K

    Damn boyyyyy