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  1. DMM Beta for final HOUR!

    9AM on Thanksgiving? Good fight Americans...Jagex are fucking retarded
  2. Ac smokes Unk

    Good job boys
  3. Early pk trip

    Is this jaja or AC?
  4. 3 Man Army #Elites

    damn that gear though
  5. New Revenenat Blog

    You are seriously the biggest fucking Jew ever.... You get so mad at people when they make fun of you for being cheap, but comments like this along with you having over a 4b bank are just ridiculous.
  6. omfg raid

    Your gear setup is gravely concerning, but nice.
  7. Turtle's Intro

    Welcome bro, stay constantly active in the TS/CC when you're online.
  8. b2b too bad for the harpoon lmfao
  9. Pimp Grave digger

    the fuck
  10. Angry Birds 2 level 1000

    This is a game for moms and 12 year old children
  11. Fun, Friendly 1v1 Risk pk

    Eh, what do you veng combo...like a 5?
  12. Yeah cause you have to be 18+ years old
  13. downed On Os scape 😰

    Lol nice