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  1. Welcome, make sure you're active in the TS. Just afking in the idle channel isn't enough, come talk and get to know the guys.
  2. Get 900 total level, GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO
  3. Good shit fellas
  4. If anyone needs questing on 07/DMM/RS3 or needs skilling on SDMM to get into tournament, hit me up and I'll give you a fair price. 

  5. Right now the top 2k is looking like it's going to be somewhere in the 825-850 total range. GET THAT TOTAL LEVEL IF YOU PLAN ON PLAYING WITH US IN THE NEXT TOURNEY. Let's get a good AC presence this go around in the tourney. You guys have less than a week so get on top of it.
  6. Wow surprised you guys weren't running around in addy and steel kites @Brett man @Casperkila12
  7. Yeah what Casper said, just hang out in both the teamspeak and the clan chat and get to know some of the guys. I posted on your other thread regarding the teamspeak information and the clan chat.
  8. Clanchat: Sp33dy20 Teamspeak: community.teamspeak3.com
  9. Welcome (again), just keep training man, just keep training
  10. Could be your best vid yet Brad
  11. The formatting of this post is impeccable. I unfortunately won't be there because it's Easter, why don't we do it on Monday night or something?
  12. Welcome back man!