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  1. 263 kill count, so fkin lucky i've only had 1 spectral and im 1100 kills since that. But gz tho
  2. Loads of people use this word daily on the teamspeak, removing him from the clan is a bit OTT in my eyes and singling cotton out does not actually help the issue except cause additional drama (never spoke to cotton before either), everyone has a certain spot where they get offended and then where would it end?
  3. Thanks for the support guys, ganna xfer like 20m 07 to dmm whilst i rebuild my stats
  4. When you accidently skull whilst fucking up some tata in max at vwest because some noob walks over your feast whilst you click the barrage and u die 5 steps from edge bank with 900 noted sharks..... Should i xfer more 07 to rebuy my gear or just go peasentmanmode for a while?
  5. You said this is for AC members only, would intros still be able to use this service? will you be charging for this also? I don't mind chucking you like 10-20k each time just wanted to know if theres a price. Great thing to do none the less.
  6. good idea, but I see hp is 15m for 99 would be have to pay additional if u do the hp by/range/melee etc?
  7. Im Selling ranger boots for 4.5m cash - they are selling for 5-5.5m on zybez but I need 94 mage :s PM ME IF U NEED OR POST BELOW thanks
  8. Im Selling boots for 5m. But for you speedy i can do 4.99m. Feelsgoodman Im noob with only 70 defence and im range/mage only atm
  9. Completed DT today (Yes i know i took my time) and took me 4 hours to buy this. but nevertheless im glad i finally have a set of ahrims
  10. I got the mole pet after 13 kills when DMM was released
  11. Im glad im not the only one who does this *Facepalm*