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  1. Heck yea! Who want's to makesome money
  2. Nice, This was right after I left.. haha GG
  3. Nothing too big but I was happy inside.
  4. nice man, hope to get one myself aswell.
  5. Hawkster Intro

  6. Do I look Juicy? GOT A WHIP

    Not sure if you are serious but no It's mine lol.
  7. Do I look Juicy? GOT A WHIP

    I don't have any friend, so that is not possible sir.
  8. deleted link broke

    looool, made me giggle
  9. reason you don't afk in deadman

    lets gooooo
  10. 0xffffff Intro

    welcome dude
  11. seanm305's intro

    Welcome my man.
  12. nice grind, now get some sleep