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  1. go check out the new clan http://www.rp-rs.com/
  2. I'm not the only one you fool LOL
  3. It was a really good run for Ac and I had lots of fun being a part of it! I myself will be joining jaja aswell. I hope i can still hang atound with the people here now and then.
  4. Trying to lure em ye ?
  5. Nice man it sure is a nice pet to have.
  6. Nice boys, unfortunate I couldnt not be online today
  7. We decided to do a pk trip with the boys (and anie) and ran into a couple teams which we outsmarted and froze them on places they could not hit us back. Clearing some small teams and killed a few of unk before their entire team showed up. After that we got ourselve a tber and hit some solo pkers for good loot !
  8. Are you comming to the Netherlands?