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  1. welcome dude
  2. Welcome my man.
  3. nice grind, now get some sleep
  4. making my way up to dmm again and already failing
  5. +5
  6. yea, im not afraid of that, since all they got is my email, not even my ip adress.
  7. I am aware of this, I might start again on the next season since I will be too far behind now. but the main reason I got banned is for doing something else.
  8. I had a bot farm going on with 40 bots at ardy, they did not like it
  9. yes, but I cannot create a new account, or serious actions will be taken by them.
  10. So I cant get into the details but all my accounts got banend today, and I will not be able to play again, Bye to you all, I will still chill in the teamspeak to hang out with you guys for fun but you will never see me back online on RS. Sorry for those i promised nature runes, but they are sadly all gone now.
  11. sparc mac got killed by mankedupmage a couple mins ago, Sick loot !
  12. nice pking vid man
  13. 82? then u are still ahead of alot of people, just get the grind going again bro.