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  1. Training for rsgp

    How much/fast are you willing to train?
  2. was a good fight, only the bulwarks were annoying.
  3. AC vs Vitality,PD,Rol

    Good shit. We destroyed them.
  4. was a good fun trip
  5. 07 intro Rawrixd

    welcome, make sure to stay active on the forums and idle on ts whenever you are online.
  6. Canada Vs Uk (Canada #1)

    U havent fought The Netherlands yet. I'm sure I will drop you guys.
  7. Ac Day out FT Rev,PD,jaja,Randoms

    good job man, as Always.
  8. Ac's Day out on 07

    juicy boys !
  9. DBU kill pic

    Ac is taking over
  10. Phaenomenon - INTRO

    welcome man
  11. AJUM - Intro

    welcome man
  12. Headchef introduction

    Welcome man, Make sure you are active on the forums and idle in the teamspeak whenever you can.
  13. good job boys, I knew that you could do it without me !