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  1. Kyle Really - Introduction

  2. AC Hit Tata/EX/Vit Deadman Mode

    Love the vids. Keep it up
  3. hi

    Why so many different clans?
  4. Lovely trip

    Loving the pk trips
  5. E L V L A N again here

    Welcome back man
  6. Sup bois

  7. D0M1NAT0R's intro

  8. Im Back - Ab643

    love it bro. That's wazzup
  9. 5 Man dex

    Good job guys. I'm jealous
  10. Deadman Spring Seasonals

    Interesting updates. No point in doing DT then for the entire season. Works for me haha
  11. Deadman Seasonal Mage/Range Guide

    My boy. Thanks for posting under Speedy's deadline
  12. Might come back and chill for a bit

    Come back and chill
  13. Ajhawk/pk3d by Aj's Intro

    Welcome sir
  14. 4 Man Raid

    The only one I missed out on today ffs. good job though