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  1. ChoCookie Intro

  2. https://gyazo.com/1c101a872101fce2eb5b248ea430aaf5?token=904dcac354e8f019e3ee7a861fd6684e
  3. DBU kill pic

    Was bankstanding at edgeville bank and dbu appeared attacked me, wasnt recording but i managed to kill him
  4. APPELGANG's intro app

    What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as: Apple :-) What timezone are you in: GMT+1 (norway) Current display name: APPELGANG Past display names: Stianson/Omfg Revenge/idcwatname About yourself: Im 18, been playing runescape since 08 but been playing on and off recently been playing alot due to dmm and i wanna become an active pker again Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats): Only 72 combat right now, if my intro is accepted i will train alot more but here are my current stats;https://gyazo.com/8b64f79a89365e2f932b34f899d98a51 List ALL Clans and Teams you have been apart of: I havent been in that many clans, the only real rs clan ive ever been in was in 2011 called ''Tbk Ftw'' which was only a f2p clan, but ive been a member of clans in rsps's lol f.eks ( BBE on near reality ), The Crew on dawntained, And i was in AC in the original deadmanmode season for a few months. Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph): I wanna join #AC because its sort of neccesary in dmm to join a clan or have a few friends to play with which i do not lol, ive been hanging out in the open cc for a week or so and i like most of the members havent been active on ts at all, but i will now ac is really the only clan ive been thinking to join cuz rot kills me to much and i wanna get my revenge List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship: Im not sure who's in the cc anymore but i used to talk to alot of people in the original dmm season. As of right now i dont know anyone in the clan tho. Anything else you wish to add: Ty for taking your time in reading this long ass non interesting post thats just how i am lol. And please accept my intro app for #ac <3
  5. X E N D X intro app

    I was in ac in reg dmm, never got kicked or anything as far as i know but i quit for a half year and i just came back. i dont play deadman anymore but id like to join the 07 team and im 121cb. my old name was idcwatname btw
  6. A few suicide kills

    ye lol he quit tho he lost 150m dmm and 400m 07
  7. #Rip En Fisk

    Yea man en fisk means a fish in norwegian aswell
  8. #Rip En Fisk

    Sooooo i was looking for alchers naturally to make some quick$$. so me and OD Archer found En Fisk alching and we decided to go for the kill and he was actually afking. expected more but owell Rip en fisk Btw we kept killing him at lumby to get his stats down, next key was 4m according to ''Stunt Taylor'' #AC
  9. idcwatnames's intro app

    Thank you man!
  10. idcwatnames's intro app

    ty man! will do
  11. idcwatnames's intro app

    Indeed ily sticky <3
  12. idcwatnames's intro app

    ty<3 will do haha yeah
  13. idcwatnames's intro app

    Ty man, will do Ty