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  1. JASY

    de Negar's Intro

    Welcome to AC ! You're missing a SoTD, zgs and we use black chins, not red. Make sure to update your set picture with these items !!
  2. i think the blue in the reply should be the same colour as the blue in the 'quote' button?
  3. of course its good was my idea in the first place LOL
  4. Welcome to AC ! Glad you finally decided to intro. I hope your ak friends join soon as well, should be fun. Btw you're missing a Staff of the dead/10 white mystic tops once you've updated the sets picture let me know on forums or teamspeak !
  5. Good shit was fun thanks for the fight fsk
  6. JASY

    Bond's intro

    Nice sets! Welcome to AC ! I'd probably go for 99 def just for the tank advantage but it's up to you
  7. welcome to ac homie, get that set picture up asap. If you're unsure of what you need, theres a pinned topic in the introduction section
  8. Welcome to AC homie glad you intro'd! Nice sets just remember those are the minimum having more never hurts
  9. digging graves on the daily 2v1 no problem af is shit lol
  10. JASY

    TFreeze's Intro

    Welcome homie, the minimum amount of sets is 25. You can find everything you're required to have as an intro right here
  11. JASY

    361's Introduction

    Welcome to AC ! The required sets for an intro is 25 sets (You can find the pinned topic at the top of introductions) other then that goodluck
  12. JASY

    Kraig Intro

    welcome to ac paint those kiteshields