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  1. AC Skiller

    doc jr

    Get on ts and start getting to know people boi. Best of luck!
  2. Decent application mate, best of luck!
  3. how are you guys going to be swapping? through a specific service?
  4. What's everyone doing for the tourney? My main plan is to grind out a skill and swap the cash. More than happy to team up with somebody ect. Note: I will have some cash, so if any clan member is playing and wants to swap 07 I'll offer really good rates, for clan members.
  5. why'd you always do all your posts in italic, like very single post xD
  6. Shouldnt be an issue if you're fully active and doing lots with the clan
  7. Nah I respect the time and effort, but to other people that isnt a big factor. being honest but I doubt anyones gonna pay that much for any account. unless its some ironman with an ely or whatever lmao.
  8. 5k for an account, nah fam. Wayyyy too much tbh.