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  1. welp, i havent played dmm since seasonals started so i thought i might give it a shot been on for about 8-9 hours of game play ( i started 2/3 days late) already boosted from 18k rank to 2.3k rank so im well on my way. i got kicked from ts over a year ago when i got killed by an ac member in normal deadman, im hoping to get unbanned and catch up to yall n work along side ac again. anyways see you all around in cc and in game, hopefully chat in ts soon !
  2. bro, what a stitch up hahaha thats terrible luck, woulda raged so hard
  3. for sure im down got lots to do but to scared to go alone
  4. thanks man, gone up another 57 levels since this
  5. well i dont like those odds... haha especially at my stats.
  6. hahaha im like 60 deaths for 2 kills
  7. yeah i mainly just wanna go melee for the high combat so i have more protection
  8. i have no idea everyone seems to be ranging, but i wanna raise melee aswell doing slay, so i get high cb (:
  9. ffs haha how did i not know.... appreciate it
  10. holy shit lol well done bro.
  11. who even keeps that much cash on them, quit for sure
  12. the loots make me wet
  13. love that, feel good moment of career ?
  14. how do i get the kill dead ration on the left hand side of my screen? is it an rsbuddy thing or another program ?
  15. god its so hard starting out with farming i cant get fk all seeds