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  1. Had to highlight everything because of the black text lol would reccomend editing it and changing it to white Welcome keep working on stats
  2. Looked fun gz
  3. Goodjob was fun
  4. Thx baby, now please dont killerino me in wildy when im at bear trying to number 10
  5. Gz dude looks like you are making some insane bank loot
  6. Gz on the elder maul and action
  7. Looks good
  8. Gg was fucking great. Respect to Doom for being good lads about it Also shoutout to me for losing my ags
  9. Nice dude sadly im still on the grind for a few more days
  10. Ez 4 me
  11. Damn sick slaying boys holy
  12. Good loot out just waiting for us to snatch it up thats what i like to see sick job to everyone who was there and went