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  1. Shoutout to Sp33dy, Oco and bretts brother for being hype as fuck when it dropped holy shit thanks for trip boys shitty pic also sorry
  2. Hitting the same as me nigga
  3. Damn enjoy sara trip boys if u get any drops tell me here also tell me if i died or survived haha dont know if itll come back up
  4. deaded
  5. If anyone wants to start my account on seasonals tomorrow for like the first 30minutes to 1 hour and just do you were planning to do on your own account then ill hook you up with like 5m or so its just while im in work

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spiritual


      You should be fine starting late bro. Don't think people will be grinding too much this season. 

    3. Droma


      I'm able to if you do like, since its fresh account u shouldnt be worried about the acc(because im new here).

      pm me if u do like me to do it.

    4. Sean M8

      Sean M8

      I was dead  as soon as i woke up i went to work sorry all 

  6. Damn gz nerd
  7. Merry Xmas wank
  8. Nice kill, slapped the retard
  9. whoever got messages from me it wasn't me ingame or on here

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    2. Sean M8

      Sean M8

      I didnt take it but ill get it back it might just get taken again i cant really help it unless i strip off all the recoveries and he sets some tell him to pm me on here when hes next on though

      If not ill just give him my main account

    3. GIGGS


      yeah ill let him know :P


    4. Bibles


      ye idk who took it but someone took it back :( 

      and thanks for the help @GIGGS

  10. I thought I could trust you.... guess not.....

  11. Atleast you put effort into make it so nice dude.. Time to return to my eternal slumber
  12. Nice gba emulator ked Sorry but you are so monotone in this video that i have already killed myself..... RIP
  13. fkn nerds

    1. Take pics

      Take pics

      Omg Sean how are you doing meight

    2. GIGGS


      recover your account

    3. Bibles


      recover the acc I trained.......

  14. nice tassys fooking noob hahahahah