Countdown until Deadman Tournament
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  1. Amazing commitment man. Respect.
  2. Going strong, keep that up. GJ and GL
  3. OMFG, like 40K people saw your name + the people that just watched the vid. Autograph, pls.
  4. IF they really will hit ~4K, you're making bank.
  5. RAGE decent speech
  6. Strong 1st day, keep it up!
  7. Those are some insane gains, gj getting those out of the way asap.
  8. sick gains, sick playtime
  9. Very nice, that's a competitive acc right there. GL!
  10. Good luck AC! I'll be watching you guys via stream
  11. Damn Lava Drags OP
  12. looool
  13. Yea ima have to go with C as well, king of hell>attention/fame