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  1. Amazing commitment man. Respect.
  2. OMFG, like 40K people saw your name + the people that just watched the vid. Autograph, pls.
  3. IF they really will hit ~4K, you're making bank.
  4. Those are some insane gains, gj getting those out of the way asap.
  5. Very nice, that's a competitive acc right there. GL!
  6. Good luck AC! I'll be watching you guys via stream
  7. Yoo! It's Pekoraali here for my second intro. Last time around deadman kind of died and so did my interest in it. It's time for another seasonal and I'm back! Hope to pk with you guys soon Here's a link to my old intro and app for good measure: What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: Pekoraali List all the clans you have been apart of A: Fatality, Final Ownage Elite, Mayhem Makers, Salvation Pures, Trauma, Zenith What timezone are you in A: GMT +2 Current display name A: Pekoraali Past display names A: Jabberwocky About yourself A: Yeah so I've played rs since -06, OSRS since its release. As for Deadman, I've played the original since its release, quit after a while tho. Also played the first seasonal for some time. I've always had a focus on pure accounts and pking. Very active clanner. IRL I'm 18 y/o and Finnish. I'd like to get to know some AC members better personally, so if you want to find out more, hmu on ts or in game! Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph) A: I have heard about Anonymous Community as I've played DMM before. Seemed like a big and stronk clan. I want a good team to pk with on DMM. It's clanmanmode after all. I also really love being in a clan, as a matter of fact I've been pure clanning for a good 5 years now. Real excited for the next seasonal! Hope to be pking with you guys asap! Anything else you wish to add A: Threw in my bank and stats on the regular DMM, just to show that I've played a bit. Died a few times recently before I quit playing it, unfortunately. Was a decent range/mage build with herblore for money making. Anyway, hope to be able to pk with you guys from tonight on! I'll be in ts and on forums. Cheers!