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  1. Nice little 7m+ PK

    awesome bro sick key
  2. WOHO 70 prayer and 99 Range!!!!

    grats man
  3. bye dms career

    Wow that really sucks, but dont give up bro! You will get back into it
  4. Banana Solo pk trip =O

    I hear ya. The bank key got loads of loot from the rogues chest in it thats why i asked
  5. Seasonal Video 2, Bankloots

    Looking good mate
  6. hahah lovely, i almost pked him earlier as well
  7. Rest in peace Sparc Mac

    the ragequit is real i guess
  8. Barrows

    Love that haha, but u xlog on the skeletons or wut?
  9. SDMM, New Plan

    sucks man, how did they manage to glitch?
  10. Barrows

    I might be soon, is it easy to escape pkers?
  11. Banana Solo pk trip =O

    damn nice keys, did u pk them @ rogues castle chest?
  12. Little trip with some AC boyzz

    gj man thats actually worth around 600k too