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  1. Notgoodlaw

    Welcome homie
  2. AC's day out FT. CT

    THat dinhs tho
  3. Zulrah guide ?

    Please bro this would be gold
  4. Gwas ft. We1 cancer team

    Goodshit boys my 42 will rise soon! lol
  5. We're On Fire

    Cant wait to get my 07 account going lol
  6. SDM servers are good innit

    The jagex potato servers are back.... fuckin lame
  7. 10hp Str Pure | Request / Discussion |

  8. seanispro?

  9. OS-Scape Deadman Mode

    I think would be a good place to practice bridding, might have to sign up
  10. Kq pet [GONE WRONG]

    Better then nothing! Trolololol
  11. anybody got moreb deaths than me?

    Jesus lol I thought I died alot this season...... RIP
  12. Pokemon Go

    Well it definitely makes people go outside more lol
  13. SV Clear

    Looked too ez, cant wait to train my 07 account up