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  1. Thanks gotta get that bond money for DMM
  2. Idk if anybody is interested but I have around $160 worth of Steam Wallet that I am trying to liquidate into 07GP, I will be offering 20% off of the total amount so there is some incentive to trade your 07GP to me for a game. Post your requests below
  3. The Deadman Boiiiiiiiii
  4. the new wilderness altar is disabled it says in the forum post... but yeah that fucking ibans was 200% worthless lol
  5. I'm down to go this route with the boys again it's funny how we started with 12 last season and ended with like 4 or 5 lmaooo good times....
  6. I REally gotta find motivation to finish my main
  7. Rev caves are gonna be OP as fuck for deadman.... yeah I'm that asshole that occasionally comes back for every seasonal.... sorry boiz lol
  8. Please bro this would be gold
  9. Goodshit boys my 42 will rise soon! lol