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  1. What to do

    Pk with your old boy Dan.
  2. #Centrelink

    Making that $$$
  3. #Centrelink

    Lmfao can tell you're aussie then
  4. #Centrelink

    Can not confirm or deny that a margin of the team are Aussie based lmfao.
  5. Winning

    Yeah good bro, same old shit tearing it up.
  6. Enjoy guys, make sure you sub.
  7. Winning

    My main man Casp <3 Was 148m loot for those who asked.
  8. This is what happens when bros help out Tha Law, 3 man split of bcp followed by a bunch of shard drops from duoing as Logic was a pussy and left.
  9. Elixir Intro

    Depends if you actually pk with the clan or just use the TS to play league. As for sets, get more mystic etc. Lose the monclan and get xerican robes. More pots, runes and food is also needed, especially stams/restores/brews
  10. Kenny's app v3

    No thanks, no need for clan hoppers.
  11. If I'm honest, wasn't even excited about it, more disappointed in the fact it wasn't an ely. But still cool.
  12. Such cancer though, was salty af that it wasn't an ely.
  13. Been feeling the f2p edge scene again, been a while but been on a constant win streak since starting back up with it. Forgot to screenie a few other kills
  14. Few F2P Fights

    Started pking w/o them for a couple kills but then everybody kept tp'ing from me so I just thought fuck it I'd take them as well. Only teled twice though.
  15. RIP for those who are going for it now, planks gone up to 700 each.