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  1. easy kills easy loot ty di
  2. 2 whips 2 totem pieces and 4 superiors. pretty good task
  3. made some bank was a lot of fun
  4. you can do the tasks without easy or med done but you cant get the rewards for it until you have easy and medium done
  5. I think everyone should be working towards this, we pk quite a bit and it helps when pk at castle or p44/rune rocks seeing as how u can set ports to a destination of your choice. Being able to do this can help secure kills or escapes. The requirements for this re relatively easy to get and most fo you probbably already have them ill put a link to the site for recuirements.
  6. Just some drops ive gotten lately :).
  7. caspers a 1 bang fun night ez bangs
  8. WAS FUN.
  9. lots of loot and lots of raggers
  10. a pointer try to get about 900 total to be safe it may go up to that
  11. Just some loot from our pvm mass's and a skulled veracs kill .