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  1. Ac trip to Revenant Cave

    Lots of fun and loot
  2. got a couple sets thx
  3. Dem Gainz

    You two high? I already have a 124 main lol this is just a side project.
  4. 3 Man Army #Elites

    Fun little trip made some decent loot.
  5. Dem Gainz

    Now on to mining.
  6. Wednesday smoking the wild

    was fun lotsa loot
  7. Important Info Read

    well done
  8. Ac Sunday Day out

    good try on prep, well done
  9. AC's GMT Out Ft. REV/DI

    good job bois
  10. AC's Day Out Clearing Vendetta

    got so much free loot gg
  11. Fun, Friendly 1v1 Risk pk

    u can hit like 25s or so with iron 2h lol maybe a bit more and 20swith scim
  12. Fun, Friendly 1v1 Risk pk

    The idea is to use this gear and inventory set-up while both players are skulled, no protect item veng allowed, this is strickly for fun risking. Did it with a friend and it was really fun and also get loot aswell. It is a deathmatch so whoever lives wins about 300k. If anyone would like to have some fun 1v1'n with a bit of risk let me know if your interested, looking for people to fight. Finding rs a bit boring most of the time so this is my way to make it a bit more ineresting and fun. Hit me up TheJungleGod in game.
  13. Im Back

    got all that i need for rebuild thx jojo
  14. Im Back

    Hey guys its me, back now after the summer. Have to do a rebuild since i had nothing coming back, just posting this to see if anyone wants to donate to my rebuild :). Any amount would be welcome just need to get a few pvm item, and possibly a few sets to start with so i can join pk trips. Anyways its good to be back and ill see you in game and ts.