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  1. tucky's intro

    make sure to get the cmb up on 07, but welcome bro be active on teamspeak
  2. Headchef introduction

    Welcome be active on teamspeak!
  3. Get the name out there!

    true true got to spread
  4. manked is mad #AC

    funny af
  5. AJUM - Intro

    Welcome mate come on ts we'll get u ranked on there soon
  6. MainQuality's intro

    Welcome mate come on ts
  7. Cleared DL outside of corp ran them into singles got few more kills. We sat in corp for awhile and cleared that got some dragon kills. We went to alkarid and cleared a small clan of 5. To start we went to rock crabs during cap killing lots for dscims and full rune. We went to tzhaars killed a kid doing fire cape made bank off him. But way earlier we cleared ct in corp! z --------Nolans 754k key up top!- WHALE
  8. Intro

    welcome bro
  9. Slayer made bank

    solid dude
  10. So tilted

    lol nice merch
  11. Rolling in woth the money

    ayee congratz
  12. EX members tapping out

    lol forever ex
  13. Small Pk Trip

    damnnn big loots
  14. congratz mate you deserve it
  15. Shadow vs Alex

    shadow #1