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  1. 126

    Nice! Grow a neckbeard to celebrate.
  2. DMM Progress

    I have like 500k bank and got my dscim last night.
  3. Just finished [email protected]!

    Alright bout to hop on and start grinding lmao
  4. Tourny Ending

    Damn looked fun! Who won btw?
  5. Just finished wrote my last final today and realised dmm seasonal starts today. How much progress has everyone made in the past 3-4 hours? How far behind am I xD?
  6. Maybe I can finally compete with the greasy neckbeards lmao
  7. Name him abu Ja3far al-takriti
  8. Zamorak Luck

    I got back to back rune full helms on a greater demon task once, beat that.
  9. AC Clears WG/IF X2/Randoms

    Gj boys. Wish I had time to play rs these days haha.
  10. When jagex shits on you

    Super rip, hopefully i don't get banned for buying 20m kappa