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  1. can i get a RIP for frozen and his looting during a war.. all pause for a moment of silence for mentally retarded people everywhere... awareness is key
  2. Fucking Fisted CUNTZ!!!@!@!@#!@#$@#%
  3. Fuckin FISTED cuntz!
  4. damnnnnn i missed it cause i passed out at 10pm nice job boys those are the same kids we hit in singles 2 nights ago
  5. it was a long journey but thats #5 folks
  6. can i get a RIP in the chat
  7. gratz man
  8. 125

    gz man
  9. woooow thats insane luck
  10. dem gainz
  11. lucky dude
  12. good shit fam
  13. Good shit
  14. share my saulteux brother