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  1. Day Out

    get active speedy
  2. Ac Clears Explicit +Randoms

    can i get a RIP for frozen and his looting during a war.. all pause for a moment of silence for mentally retarded people everywhere... awareness is key
  3. Ac Clears Pd after they talk smack + Dk

    Fuckin FISTED cuntz!
  4. late night pk trip

    damnnnnn i missed it cause i passed out at 10pm nice job boys those are the same kids we hit in singles 2 nights ago
  5. it was a long journey but thats #5 folks
  6. so this happened LOL

    can i get a RIP in the chat
  7. 120 Cmb Achieved

    gratz man
  8. 125

    gz man
  9. 2nd to finish skilling pet set :)

    woooow thats insane luck
  10. News!!!!!! Todays sdmm pvm drop

    dem gainz
  11. My first pet =0

    lucky dude
  12. Only took me 3 years

    good shit fam
  13. AC Destroys SF Ft. Randoms/ROL/Brut

    Good shit