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  1. That works, doesnt have to be much then learn how to do raids and spam raids get money
  2. Well done boys !!!
  3. True hahah no Iban this time please that was a pain. By the way, the altar deep wildy will give the same amount of XP as a gilded altar.. I wonder if that would speed-up the process by banking some big bones and use them on the altar for fast 43 prayer if we camp hill giants.
  4. Last season Iban staff was a complete waste but otherwise we followed the plan succesfully and it's worth it. Will do it again with you and the others Alex! Edit: There is also a possibility on getting the RPG and going to crabs which wouldnt be bad either. What about wildy slayer to start with ? With good RNG we can get easy tasks = easy emblems?
  5. Very cool plans they have there really. Missed Rev cave pking
  6. I like the changes. Will probably give me the interest in playing DMM once again.. Well OSRS in general!
  7. I'll get that downloaded.
  8. Hastan

    J ug Introduction

    Welcome J ug, hope you enjoy AC.
  9. Hi GoldCoast, Welcome back. Hopefully Sp33dy can confirm whether you can come back or not, were still a good amount of people playing !
  10. Hastan

    doc jr

    Welcome, best of luck !