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  1. Ac trip to Revenant Cave

    Revenant caves was Released today,we massed up to hit up the cave taking multiple plus one's off different teams.Dropping a youtuber(seerz)who had no chance against AC claws was also pk'd This morning
  2. DMM Beta for final HOUR!

    missed it
  3. #trust

    Shout out to my Boy ~(Skurger) twisted bow~Lets raid boys~
  4. Ac Day out

    Our day out
  5. my application

    welcome man make sure to get to know the community
  6. We heard Unk was out and quickly massed men to hit them, it didint take long for PD to make an appearance and the fight commenced, It honestly did not take long for us to shuffle them all over the wilderness pushing them from spiders towards dwarfs and then gap. Thanks for the scrap.
  7. Ac smokes Unk

    Headed out after making bank from raids looking for some action, We bumped into some rev doing slayer and killed them, after Massing more up we bumped into UNK and they gave us about a 40 minute fight leaving AC victorious. Thanks for the scraps
  8. Intro

    Welcome man good man thanks for attending the pk trip today you did amazing!
  9. Headed out with 15 man team to Lava's looking for some action,Finding Vendetta logging into us fight broke out which didn't last long Clearing em up.We decided to keep hopping around finding Vitality which broke out.They had more but our piles were on point.Few mins into the fight Jaja Crash.Which we all left.Later on we found Vitality south of New gate chasing em down.Which return in same world to Gdz when the fight broke out again,After clearing em we took a ending.
  10. Clearing VR ft randoms

    was fun
  11. AC's Day out clearing VNG twice

    nice action