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  1. welcome,maybe next time use a different colour then black lol
  2. looks like fun boys
  3. bank loot been made
  4. Was really happy with the way the fight went and thought you guys did a great job finding and sticking to piles. VnG rushed in and we quickly picked off our first call, only to find ourself caught in a massive barrage pile whilst being chinned in a single spell only fight. Nevertheless we quickly rebounded and began picking off their magers one bang by one bang, and then clearing out their nig rangers. The fight lasted about 45 minutes and each and everyone of you who died returned quickly and fully geared for the duration of the fight. Spears were on point. Styles were on point. Freezes were on point. Even Speedy's calling was somewhat on point. Overall I thought again this was a simple display of how when everyone listens and does what their supposed to do, we can keep up with the best of them opt for opt. Great job tonight fellas.
  5. no promises =]
  6. nice noob
  7. welcome
  8. We headed out earlier to do some pking around bear finding some easy loot,Smiting out a guy for a ags,hopping around finding dks at glory hill chasing them to gdz where they get cleared.
  9. welcome
  10. were is my split at?
  11. Night out with the boys,dropping people like always making that $$$$,Running into different teams,taking more plus one's off em,Crashing Vng+pd vs jaja Fight was fun great night tonight.#Ac
  12. Started off with few,gaining more after awhile Cleaning up the Wildy taking plus 1 from many different teams,Thanks to Everyone who came and had Fun..#Ac