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  1. Since tourny is the last time you can swap,I'm just swapping and not gonna play sdmm cause you can't swap.
  2. Yeah i'm playing in the tourny's
  3. Hey man,unfortunately Ac isn't open anymore.We closed.
  4. my boy ruhon,been along time man,get kik so you can keep in contact don't got any of those things lol
  5. We closed lol,We're just a community for Pvmers,Just come chill When you return and do pvm with us
  6. You had #pd 4 days before i join Jaja,So how does that work saying it was aimed for us joining.I'll do what i want #jaja
  7. I went to jaja It's really fun made over 12m first day and others went too
  8. Send me your number fool Was a good run through out the 4-5yrs in ac,Will still keep in touch