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  1. damn very lucky with the rng
  2. welcome back to rs make sure to train at nmz =p and get to know everyone
  3. nice nice
  4. welcome make sure to get to know people and idle ts
  5. wish we got some plus one's tho as a drop but it's always fun killing people on login
  6. Was fun good job
  7. considerable can't tank for shit lmao reason he's in a dead clan good night out boys
  8. damn what a good day for you
  9. Went out with few people to pk at scorpion finding multiple people killing it and pking clearing em and sent packing back to Lumby,decided to move and walk around wilderness finding clans who leave people behind to die to us and kids who skull up in Verac's giving us some Juicy lootation,Great night out guys #Ac First Picture -dark bow,occult,Serp,10k Zulrah Scales around 6m ish pkd including few Verac' sets and a light ballista we got tonight
  10. been telling people for along time to get this done
  11. welcome
  12. always fun