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  1. Welcome to Anonymous.Seen you around just get to know the Community.
  2. Please fill out all question.You're missing pictures of stats.Gear for both pvm and pk.Other then that Welcome
  3. Nice to see you had fun last night.Make sure to join the channel and get to know the people.
  4. Welcome man.Get to know the community.Glad to have you here.
  5. Copy and paste the following application form into a new thread on this board. Complete the information to submit your Community Member application Current RSN (Runescape Name) A: Past RSN's (Oldschool) - A: Your Timezone (GMT/PST/EST) - A: About yourself - A: Are you requesting to join as a PvMer or PKer: A: List any / all the clans and or teams you have EVER been in, and why you left / got kicked - A: Why do you want to join Anonymous Community - A: Picture of your Combat Level & Stats (Inc RSN) - A: Picture of your P2P PKing/PvM Requirement: A: Do you know any members in Anonymous Community? If so name them - A: How did you find out about us ? If by recommendation state RSN - A: Anything else you wanna add: