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  1. Mc Burberry is my idol

  2. Yeah I know, I just quickly put the link. I'll make a new thread when I'm home
  3. Shit, forgot to include a link to my portfolio
  4. Click the image to view my portfolio!
  5. Sp33dy literally saw it and commented on it. I was also asking what a set consisted of.
  6. I posted a picture of my duel arena gains in the oldschool show-off section and now it says I dont have permission to view it. Has it been mived aomewhere?
  7. Hope this situation gets sorted out.
  8. I don't have access to that part of the forums.
  9. Chase banned me and I was meant to be unbanned well over 20 hours ago. I was banned for 'instigating.'
  10. Can someone unban me on ts, it's been well over my punishment duration lol.