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  1. .............

    its a deathtrap
  2. Tips for doing DT safely on DMM

    do in off times, pay attention, get some one to scout areas
  3. Ice trolls

    damn thats some bankloot
  4. Getting around the new game mechanic

    thats pretty decent actually will have to try
  5. I don't wanna leave AC

    wouldnt trust any1 but high ranks
  6. Grand Exchange in the sdmm2 tourney

    im pretty sure it will be
  7. ...............

    did it a few days ago solo, was empty. should be safe tbh
  8. Ideal brid gear?

    thats like the most common stuff yeah
  9. short and sweet rebuilding guide

    seems risky unless in big groups but ty nice guide
  10. 1v2 bank made

    lol nice
  11. Late night k-bow Pk

    nice but cant see pic
  12. TATA Cleared

    nice job lads
  13. 24 Hours After Dying

    nice rebuild my man