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  1. oops

  2. Instupituous 2nd intro

    Good luck bro!!!
  3. Signature for Next Step

    Haha trueeeeeeeee
  4. PK trip 9/24/2016

    Ayy good shit bro's!
  5. Fight vs 420

    Haha ayy, CLEARED!!!
  6. Taking out the trash [Video]

    LMAO lowkey agent 47
  7. OD wiped

    Song is soo F on point bro love the vid!!! Btw what's the song tho?
  8. Ayy, cleared! Good shit bro's!
  9. Im gonna miss yall mofuckers

    Good luck bro! You gon come back?
  10. When your boy hooks you up

    O shit!
  11. shat shit get banged :D

    Shat? lmao
  12. DMM Tournament

    Yo, don't you think they should change the design every season and tournament like just slight or something like how the keys look or the colour or something so it looks newer and so ppl don't recycle old screenshots... Example IOS 9 to IOS 10 Aha