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  1. fuck u you scammed me
  2. hey

    yepp I just came back to
  3. sounds like a spy
  4. Dope guys!
  5. lol they are so shit goodjob guys
  6. goodjob guys
  7. I sold all my gaming accounts (WoW, League, Runescape, DOTA, etc), deleted all old social media and gaming forum accounts in preparation for the military in a month (Ive decided to quit everything so I can focus).  Please do me a favor and delete my forum account thanks: http://www.rs-ac.com/profile/2307-joux/

  8. damn I had to work gj boys
  9. goodluck start training a side account for 07 just incase bro 07 will always be there but dmm can always shift from being super active to super dead bro 07 is more stable eventhough DMM seems very fun, I personally cant wait for seasonals
  10. good stuff so much loot
  11. gf dumb ass lol
  12. I used to love fletching I should get back into it
  13. that's not even you lol that's why you cut out the name
  14. 2ez!!!!