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  1. thought u retired after the truth came out @Alex
  2. welcome bro
  3. welcome man
  4. Alex. Notoriously know for his monopoly on the account services. Any capitalist would know that monopolies = failure of economy. This means the demand is funneled into one source resulting in corruption. This has to be stopped..... Regardless of the economical issues there are others to suggest Alex is not fitting for job at hand. Take notes Alex... here is a quick Venn diagram. Alex's prices are also notoriously high since he is the only supplier on the market.. . Having to borrow his account from sp33dy is a sign of lack of determination, do you really trust him? I don't Stand with me and fight the power #notteamAlex
  5. well done wish my internet didnt drop
  6. Well done boys
  7. well done lads
  8. nicely done
  9. Welcome man! make sure to idle ts
  10. Welcome man! hope you stick around
  11. "cool" yeah ok.....
  12. good job and complete under reaction at the ags @Alex
  13. nicely done boys