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  1. Ac Sunday Day out

  2. INTRO

    suh dude
  3. ryan

    haha yeah hop on ts more man
  4. Ac Full Day out FT dks,Unk,Randoms 7x plus ones

    see some +1s and good loot! nice boys!!!
  5. Colton's Intro

  6. Crimma Intro

    welcome bro
  7. AC Day Out, World War

    damn straight, good shit boys.
  8. Inzest intro

  9. Inzest intro

  10. Smoking Aces Introduction

    welcome bro
  11. ryan

    Welcome! im like 60% i know he goes to BC high, right??? @Alex
  12. 07 intro Rawrixd

    Welcome and amen to this! stats are an important part of pking
  13. What to do

    Make a duo iron man with someone you know will be active and willing to not break the rules of duo iron man. can be really fun if u have the trust...