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  1. I'm from Ohio. people hate both but they got there somehow. like you picked these candidates hahahaha #Harambe4Pres
  2. logitech G930 is what i use. like 10 hours battery life. pretty light weight too
  3. Hard or soft
  4. One of my best friends is Hindi and she no lie loves this. 10/10 Harambe approved
  5. Just started trying this today. I have a pc in my apartment that I play on and a chromebook that i take for class for notes and lecture slides. Using Chrome Remote Desktop I can access my pc through my chromebook meaning I can afk sandcrabs and stuff like that but still be able to reset. Its a little laggy but not terrible. I just leave it on the side of my screen next to my notes. I know teamviewer is kinda the same deal but dicks out for harambe anyways.
  6. Hunter Dan
  7. He was salty
  8. CSE minor Chem Eng Major
  9. This is awesome. Have fun dude
  10. 69
  11. Making Harambe memes
  12. Just moved into our new apartment and everything seems to remind me of a bad memory
  13. Harambe says grats. Gold star