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  1. wow! way to pass and make it through that barrier!!!! LOL.... no but for real good job shame 90% of us got stuck outside or we could of had quite the battle.
  2. Things didn't work out too well I had lot's of fun still, kinda cool to watch how we all are getting destroyed by fog. The video shows how I didn't even realize there was a door because LOL why would they add that! Anyways when people got in it was just one massive chin pile on the few people entering because rest were trapped outside trying to get in. I made it to 213th place !
  3. Final day update: Things did not go well, I was able to train my prayer up to 64 and get 90 range + have 70 defense. The fog just was too strong in combination with rot being in a perfect set up. :( Had fun nonetheless and playing with AC was super fun even tho we only killed one level 105 in final hour. 

  4. Day 5: so I know its final day already, but yesterday I forgot to make the post because I have been on so much. Today has been very stressful, I started off getting attacked but escaped.. then went to new area to train and some level 110 combat with 3 switches teleported in and killed me. This was a massive setback as it was very difficult to acquire what I lost. Everything has been very stressful as it's the final training day and trying to rebuild is insane.  I went ahead and swapped 8m of my 07 and next thing I know coins crash and everything is being traded by the items. Had to quickly spend which resulted in bad purchases. Along with this, many skill trainers are busy/offline which has made the problems escalate. Next thing I know I find out I didn't need to swap and all these members are mad at me... However, there is some positive news, I played an insane amount over 12 hours today and got my defense level from 40 to 65 and my range level up a few levels. Defense is SOOO SLOW but just glad I got it up some. Anyways, today is the final day and I'm so nervous and excited. 

  5. Is the countdown correct??? I thought the final hour started Saturday at 2est? This has it set to start at like 7am est. 

  6. Day 4: Just ended today, only almost got pk'd once while training but escaped. Got a few range levels up and 6 combat levels. Went to pk but trip was ruined by leaks or something :( Anyways, today I made some good progress and now I'm in final steps to prepare for final hour!!! 

    1. Birthsblade


      Nice man, grind grind grind :P 

  7. What's everyone's dmm plan for the rest of the tournament? 

  8. End of Day 3: Update: I've now gotten my range to 78, great progress made and hit the 70 combat milestone. While training I was spec'd out multiple times by a level 90 but my melee protect saved me and escaped and teleported away right as I was just out of food. I then proceeded to spend the remainder of my night helping try to kill a group at al kharid. They wouldn't come multi... after waiting out skull I went over and assisted the team killing the mole creature. 

  9. Should make the first weeks of pk'ing a bit different without having any sort of decent mage combat. This means everyone will end up rushing range/melee.
  10. wow! You guys killed the biggest rs streamer ! That's awesome
  11. Day 2 Status: Started off needing to get combat up a little, got destroyed by pker at ogres... :( However, went to green drags to try and build prayer and was spec'd out but made it away with 0 food and 15 hp!!! That's when sp33dy hooked me up with dragon bones and I went and acquired 43 prayer :D Next I spent all evening grinding away range and ending tonight with 64 combat. Only 1 death, this has been very good progress for me.  Nice to see everyone in the clan working very hard. 

  12. After a long day 1, I've finished the Animal Magnetism Quest and got 36 combat :D Tomorrow I will have to grind out my stats... I'm so far behind atm :P

    1. GIGGS


      gj dude atleast you have the quests over with

  13. This morning for me started off very bad. I Didn't realize OSBuddy wouldn't work, so had to download the Osclient and got a 2 minute late start... this caused me to get pk'd with my 10k coins by a swarm of magers, next I rebuilt killing goblins with combat bow and while looting coins and headed to varrock to buy bow/arrows to train range and was instantly killed again while walking there....Next I saved up enough from pickpocketing for arrows and found a bow but was killed again right as I started training because the os client won't let me zoom out and is crap.... So within 1 hour start time I've died 3 times and I've got school/finals all week as well. I plan tonight to no-life the game hopefully things can work out better than they have been going. :D Anyways, I hope everything is going well for everyone else in the tournament. 

    1. GIGGS


      damn motel we missed you in the ts where were you

    2. Bicycles Cx

      Bicycles Cx

      I also died at stronghold security and lost my 5k, still haven't been able to get the other 5k lol

  14. Does any1 have a complete guide of what order to train combat in for range? I want to be as efficient as possible

    1. Sus


      chins should still be effectie 

    2. Motel


      I'm limited time to train this week so I want to be as efficient as possible, I want to focus on range but I'd like to know the best route to get quests for avas/high range level. Sorry if I wasn't clear I'm referring to start methods for deadman mode tournament.

    3. Rixz


      I made a spreadsheet for range tank, which I will be starting/finishing after we finish lavas - people are welcome to come with me, I'll explain what to do, if they keep up and aren't a downey.

  15. less than 12 hours until tournament :D:ARGENT: