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  1. fun trip ty rev for zgs
  2. those are dope yellow one the best i think
  3. What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: fugazi List all the clans you have been apart of (Include why you left/got kicked) A: small teams on team speak, iv helped CD out in wars in the past but there all pures so i don't go any more What timezone are you in A: pacific standard Current display name A:FUUGGAAZZII Past display names A: just FUUGGAAZZII About yourself A: im 22 in runescape i love to pk,wreck kids, take there +1s, and send kids to lumby, if I'm not playing runescape i love to snowboard work out or hit the bars or clubs. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) http://i.imgur.com/9ZlSF94.png Picture of your return sets A: Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph) A:i want to join a clan that knows how to pk and knows what there doing with good leadership. i saw the pictures yesterday of u guys wrecking kids and clearing rev yesterday on the forms. i love warring and fighting other clans. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A: funnel cake, rainz, Cali4ornia, I'm probably forgetting some name but who ever else recruited me at gdz the other day or helped me in the ts. Anything else you wish to add A: just poke me in the ts always down to pk if I'm on