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  1. I missed everything
  2. Sups guys ! I heard yesterday someone who was talking about making a Torso with the team, I think it's a really good idea and if 4 other man wanna join the party we could do it together. Poke me on Teamspeak or answer the topic to more shit.
  3. Gratz bitchhhh !
  4. Doog job !
  5. You are so freaking fucking lucky Go duel arena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I got 0 #PRO GRINDER
  7. I don't fucking know how many time we killed cat in the hat boys but was fucking hilarous !
  8. Gratz u dick !
  9. What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: King Blind List all the clans you have been apart of (Include why you left/got kicked) A: 345 clans : - Tata - CreamLords What timezone are you in A: East Coast u dunkey - Eastern Time (ET) Current display name A: King Blind Past display names A: REDR0CKET213 About yourself A: I'm probably a dick. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) A: 113 (07) Picture of your return sets A: Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph) A: I'm upset for 2 things in fucking runescape. 1st one, you have to grind alone and i hate. Second one, I was in CL so we can tell that you have a bunch of pleb's with max who can't pk. Like only couple of them going out. After your hit on us at corp, I left cause they wont fight back what ever you want to do. Why I wanna join? Cause fucking sp33dy Pmed me like yo wassup bro can you give me some gera on 45. I was like is this nigga for real or what so i talked to him and decided that i wanna be part of runescape assassination clanmatic, u know what i mean. I'm probably crazy, I cant type 1 paragraph cause my english stop there, at least i speak 2 languages u cunt. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A: Sp33dy20 - Seasonal DMM [1] Anything else you wish to add A: Rest in peace I'm dead to MOB in 45. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK what a whaaaaaalesssss I'm speaking french cause i'm a french cunt.
  10. Crystal on the way ! GL with those
  11. gratz
  12. Hot nigga