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  1. Naw dude I know ppl that way more RNG drops then this. That Bring was only ring in 200 dks kc. zero axe's too.
  2. Morning pk trip

    NIce Ballista Pk
  3. I know I ow have 2 of my 3 favorite pets! Cerb, Kril, and Sire! So just need Sire Naw I have wanted this pet for awhile now!
  4. Not so Lucky at Bandos

    Hopefully next time I get a tassy drop. Only have 1 Bcp 1 B Boots, and now 1 Hilt is 570kc
  5. AC Gwas DK/Jaja

    was a great time running into all the veracers
  6. another good night out

    very fuckin awesome guys wish I was there but had to work.
  7. AC owns the wild

    Wish I was there. Good job boys.
  8. Bucket Intro

    Welcome hope to see you around
  9. Alex's Questing|Skilling

    If alex wont do it hit me up and I may do it
  10. Anonymous Community - Slay DK Gmt

    GF was great!
  11. [Suggestion] Status Updates

    Sounds like what Facebook is....