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  1. hahahahahah share it lets warn the run escape community.
  2. Gud times when sp33dy wasn't a pussy

    That was good times with @Ruhon nOt with @Sp33dy20
  3. AC vid intro 2

    Wtfff shit and easy to make did u pay someone to make u this. Must have got scammed then l0l am being onest bro
  4. His school carrier did not go that well so he started streaming by using clickbait with the name sarah l0l to get views Sp33dy u should do this. Exposed motherfucker
  5. l0l0l Don't be proud off that because it's worth shit
  6. Hello darling!!!

    Fucking cancer boy stfu will hunt u all day long know
  7. AC Deadman Mode Ft. mmorpgrs

    He said it l0l
  8. Soli4der Reintro

    Thanks boys and i won't bring any retards
  9. Soli4der Reintro

    What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A:Mickael What timezone are you in A:Gmt Current display name A:Zalambur/ Soli4der old name About yourself A: Yo I have not been playing this game for more then a year and know am back and I hope i get that welcome after all those cx periods having me in the clan. Forget about the old and lets start a new chapter. Shit happen and there is nothing we can do about it except start new and move on. My English is still bad but I understand at least and can speak better then most 4rners. I have been taking a break from this game because I had to catch up with study in Uni and know it's going well. I study medical science to the people that wonder Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) A: Do you plan on joining AC? Yes I do plan on joining ac but after this unbanned because it was at that time when I trolled and changed my name to something else. When I got banned I just decided to take the break from there. And It cud be a good thing because if that did not happen then I would maybe fuck up with studies. This game literally is a addicting u say you quit but that will never happen. U literally come back I swear to god. Also I forget my Forum pass so I cud not bother to pm on forums and make new acc. But here I'am after deciding to come back. A: List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A: I know every old member check All init for sdmm.
  10. Deadman

    Bro missed you to be onest can't wait to reunion and have some funn
  11. Deadman

    Will there be any Sdmm this season ???